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Promotional Umbrellas

Umbrellas are available in a huge array of Colours, sizes and shapes. Promotions Warehouse offer them all. Promotional Umbrellas are a great way to gain exposure for your brand on Corporate Golf days and televised golfing competitions. There are generally two types of Umbrellas that are ordered your standard rain Umbrellas and your printed Golf Umbrella.


Customized Umbrellas

We offer 6 different panels that are able to be printed allowing the user to really saturate the Promotional item with their brand. Price will vary depending on how many panels you wish to print on. The other issue that will make price fluctuate for branded umbrellas is the amount of colour your choose to include in your logo. It usually ranges from on colour right up top a 4 colour print.

We offer delivery of our promotional umbrellas Australia wide with an express service to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney Gold Coast and Newcastle. I will now examine some of the different types of Umbrellas we stock in our range of Promotional Items.


Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Umbrellas for Golf are another hugely important market to consider when purchasing your promotional products. Promotional Golf Umbrellas are generally substantially large then there standard Rain Umbrellas counterparts. They need to be extra durable to keep up with the more extreme weather conditions that you might encounter playing Golf.

Printed Umbrellas and Golf Umbrella will offer printing on all 6 panels