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Promotions Warehouse offer a huge range of  Promotional Items. Stress Balls and Stress Shapes are a category that has seen an incredible increase in demand over the past few years. Please enjoy our full range of Promotional Stress Items below.

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Promotional Stress Balls and Stress Shapes

Promotions Warehouse offers an extensive array of Promotional Stress Shapes and Promotional Balls Australia wide. Stress Balls and Stress Shapes are a very cost effective way to brand Promotional Products.  The great thing about Stress Balls are you can go and order 1,000 and end up paying no more than $1 per unite.




Another great aspect of Promotional Stress Balls and Promotional Stress Shapes are that you can have a Custom made Stress Shapes made up with your company character or logo. For example a year ago Promotions Warehouse had a customer looking for unique Items and cost effective products. Their Company logo was a Tiger and the we agreed it was certainly a fun idea. So we contacted our production team and through our offshore relationships were a to organize a customer stress shape made to the specifications of their Company Logo.

Promotional Stress Shapes



Animal Stress Shapes and Stress Balls ware also a very popular line. We offer Promotional Stress Items in shapes of Cows we have Stress Shape Pigs, we offer Stress Birds and of course Stress Ball Lions where will it end!  Another popular seller for our Promotional Stress Balls are the Stress Bowling Ball that looks great with its dark black colour and red holes. Yes there is no doubt about it when considering Promotional Products your imagination isn’t the only limitation when choosing Promotional Stress Balls.


Promotions Warehouse offer Promotional Stress Shapes and Custom Stress Toys to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, and Gold Coat as an express service. We offer Stress Balls Australia wide on a standard distribution service.

Stress is becoming a factor more and more in the workplace management are becoming more an more aware of it so offering Stress Balls and Stress Shapes to clients and staff will help relieve some of the natural stresses that are present in the workplace. Where to buy Stress Balls? Right here at the promotions Warehouse Products we offer in the Promotional Stress Balls and Stress Shapes category are Stress Ball, Novelty Stress balls, Stress Shapes and Stress Toys.