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Please enjoy our huge range of Promotional Desk accessories available Australia Wide. Along with that we offer a best price promise where we can beat any competitor's price on a product we stock.

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Promotional Desk Accessories

When considering Promotional Products you need to think out side the box a little bit. When you break up your average person’s day and the amount of time they could be exposed to your Product one glaring factor is present. The average worker spends the vast majority of their day at their desk. It then makes a great deal of sense to assume Promotional Desk Accessories such as Promotional Calculators or Promotional Business Card Holders are commonsense marketing items that will offer great exposure.

Below I will profile some of the Promotional Products that are associated we Desk Accessories.

Promotional Mouse Mats

Mouse Mats are a great idea . The space under any workers mouse is considered prime real estate in the Marketing industry. That’s why Promotional Mouse Mats are a cost effective concept to choose. One of the other great advantages in using Mouse Mats is the distribution factor. Promotional Mouse Mats can be distributed by large A4 envelopes giving them a distinct advantage over other Products that are more difficult to distribute.

Promotional Clocks

Clocks are another that Promotional Idea when considering Products to use. Just like Mouse Mats Promotional Clocks are able to obtain prime real estate on the workers desk. And naturally the Clock is something that is one of the most viewed item on any employees desk! Promotional Clocks can be a more expensive item but one that should allow great longevity for your campaign.

Promotional Calculators

Calculators can be a great solution when considering Promotional Products that are used regularity compared to other Promotional Desk Accessories.  Promotional Calculators are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours. Whether it’s a Calculator in the shape of a Palm Tree or a stainless steel premium calculator branded with your Company Logo anything is possible. Calculators have been a very popular Promotional Product for a long period of time due to the usage that they will receive.

Promotional Business Card Holders




Business Card Holders are another popular Product to utilize when considering a Marketing campaign. One of the great upsides to using Promotional Card Holders is that if you can find one that the end user likes the look of they will carry it everywhere during the working week. In an industry such as Real Estate a Promotional Business Card Holder should be carried everywhere as the nest House listing may be just around the corner whether it be in the local café or sports club.