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The Promotions Warehouse have a huge range of Christmas Hampers and year long Gift Hampers ready for delivery Australia wide as well as an extensive array of

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Christmas Hampers

Promotions Warehouse has moved into the Christmas Hampers industry with gusto. We are now offering a wide range of Gift Hampers and Hampers ready to be delivered to your door. Christmas Hampers Australia wide are a great chance to say thanks to Staff and Clients during the Festive period.


 At the Promotions Warehouse we offer a huge range of Gift Hampers and Hampers the difference with us though is we can then offer you Promotional Products with your Hampers. It’s a great way to say thank you to your important clients while getting some effective branding out there.

Christmas Hampers come in 2 types firstly there are Hampers used for Christmas day which will include a Christmas Ham, Pork, Apple Sauce, Bon Bons and much much more. They are generally sold for Families and individuals. That is not what the Promotions Warehouse offer. What we offer are Corporate Hampers and Christmas Hampers that will include non perishable item meaning it is not imperative to have the Hamper refrigerated but just in a controlled environment.

Promotions Warehouse deliver Christmas Hampers wide and offer express delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, Canberra, Gold Coast and Newcastle.

Gift Hampers

It is also important to keep in mind when choosing your Hampers to select a budget so that you can let us know how much you are looking to spend. From there if you are able to give us and idea of the type of products you would like to include in your Christmas Hamper. One of the major questions you need answered is whether or not your recipients will want to receive alcohol in their Christmas Gift Hampers. The next question you should ask you’re your self is what sort of packaging will suit you. Perhaps you would like to invest more in the pack aging and less into the amount of Food product included in your Christmas Hamper or a large amount of food included in your Hamper is more important to you.

Whatever it is Promotions Warehouse can help just contact us in 1300 795 802